35th Annual City of Pomona Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast

We invite you to join us for the 35th Annual City of Pomona Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast.  The Theme is “Living for One Another” with The Honorable Mayor Elliott Rothman, Thursday, May 19, 2016 from & 700am – 9:00am.  The Breakfast will be held at the Thee Chateau Banquet Hall 1700 West Holt Blvd, Pomona( @ Erie St. just west of Dudley Ave.).

                                                 The Program

The Masters of Ceremony will be Pastor Jarron Christopher O’Neal and Elect-lady Crystal Marie O’Neal, Fountain of Love Christian Center.  Pledge of Allegiance, Linda Jeffries, President, Choices for Women, invocation, D.J. Duncan Pastor, White Avenue Baptist Church.  Music Ministry, Stephanie Martin-Velez, followed by the Breakfast Buffet, The keynote Speaker will be Marvin Marroquin, Pastor Calvary Chapel Solo Cristo Salva, Concluding Keynote, Betty Hanna-Witherspoon, Pastor Primm Tabernacle AME Church.  Introduction of The Honorable Mayor Elliott Rothman, Etuajie Oiyemhonlan Ms<OMS I DO Candidate 2019, SNMA Associate Regional Director- Region 1 Western University of Health Sciences, Vice-President-Dermatology Interest Group.  Presentation of The Pomona Community Strength Award, The Honorable Mayor Elliott Rothman, and Dr. Amos J. Young Sr., Benediction Sham Rambaran, Assoc. Pastor Purpose Church Pomona.

Please join in on the excitement Happening in our great City of Pomona.  See attachment NAACP need 10 members or friends to purchase a ticket.  If you use Paypal to purchase your ticket, please connect NAACP to your purchase, that we receive credit of 10 seats or email your personal check $3.50 to: NAACP Pomona valley Branch 1085B 101 W. Mission Blvd. Unit 110-250, Pomona, Calif. 91766


In the United States of America we have a Representative Democracy which works only if Americans come out and vote in every election.  The 2008 presidential election saw the highest voter turnout since the 1968 presidential elections and yet four in ten Americans didn’t vote.  The turnout for 2014 midterm elections saw less than half of eligible voters in 43 states not vote.  Many people today take voting for granted or believe elections do not impact their financial bottom line. Three quarters of Americans support raising the minimum wage but Congress refuses to act, and after the Newtown shootings in New Jersey, 76 percent of Americans polled favored back ground checks for all people purchasing firearms, and yet once again Congress refused to act because they didn’t believe there would be repercussions at the ballot box.

It was believed that the Citizen United ruling by the Supreme Court would be a game changer when it came to political influence by corporations and the wealthy since they were now able to contribute a lot more money to political races all over the nation.  Several elections and tens of millions of dollars later to everyone’s surprise the cure for all the money and influence has been a larger than usual numbers of people voting starting in 2008 only to be followed by a lower midterm turnout in 2010. Politicians work for us which is why it’s important for us to hold them accountable and we do that by voting not only every four years but by voting every time there is an election.  We also need to start new traditions such as taking our small children and grandchildren with us when we vote.  We also should take every opportunity to encourage everyone of voting age to pay attention to what goes on in politics and to vote.  Voting in this great country is a right and we should push back against any person, group or party that would try to limit or stop anyone from voting.

Voting is a right none of us can afford to take lightly, VOTE!

A Call to Renew the Voting Rights Act of 1965

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 aimed to overcome legal barriers at the state and local levels that prevented African Americans from exercising their right to vote under the 15 amendment to the Constitution of the United States.  The United States Supreme Court undermined the Voting Rights Act protections when it invalidated section four of the act in 2013 which no longer held states subject to the preclearance requirement.  This requirement said state and local governments with past histories of voter suppression had to get approval in order to make changes to their voting rights laws.  A result of this ruling was several states which included Ohio, Texas, Tennessee and North Carolina passed new restrictions around voter ID, early voting or same day registration which have been challenged in court.  While we no longer deal with poll taxes and literacy test, voting rights advocates believe statutes that limit early registration, require voters to show photo ID and purge voter rolls, still disproportionately affect the poor and minority voters.

The Republican leadership and other voter ID supporters say they only want to protect the integrity of the vote, but the party goes much further than that with their efforts to end or limit same-day registration as well as early and weekend voting which is used most by minorities.  Voting officials in 27 states almost all of which have Republican majorities have launched attempts to purge Black, Hispanic and Asian American voters from the voting rolls.  Bernie Sanders, who is running for President has said, “Amazingly enough, we do not have in our Constitution the right to vote as a constitutional right.”  Sanders is not alone in his concern, there are no universal standards for registration, voting or vote counting, states maintain bizarrely uneven and  contradictory standards according to John Nichols of the Nation.  Congress has been slow in renewing the Voting Rights Act and as a result there has been a serious effort by Congressmen James Sensenbrenner Jr., R-Wisconsin, and John Conyers Jr. D-Michigan, to have Congress renew the Voting Rights Act.

In addition to calling for renewing the Voting Rights Act, there also has been calls for a constitutional amendment to have the right to vote become a guarantee for all Americans, something that is been done in countries which include Germany and Japan.  We urge you to contact your elected officials  to take action on renewing the Voting Rights Act.

Reflections on Charleston

Nine Soldiers Have Died Recently

Nine soldiers sitting in a room, rearming themselves as they did many times before, were joined by another soldier. But this one was special, the nine didn’t see him as enemy, but he saw them as enemy. He knew they wanted to take over the country, to grab society from its status quo.

Nine black Christian soldiers were rearming themselves with ideas from sacred texts; ideas of: community, love, and the Kingdom of God. They were preparing to fight a losing battle for control of society. They were fighting to create a society of absolute allegiance to God, and extreme love for neighbor. They were fighting to create a society of distributive justice and inclusion.

When a person has absolute allegiance to God, they cannot have absolute allegiance to themselves. This soldier from the other side, let’s call him Dylann, that was his allegiance, to himself. Self centeredness is a fertile ground for emotions of insecurity and fear, especially when the self esteem is low. These emotions can highjack an otherwise capable brain which can operate a trigger finger, overriding the will of a sane person.

Those nine fighters were fighting a losing battle because even though there are plenty of fighters in the Christian army, the army lacks direction and focus. The army’s command has forgotten the general’s directive of seeking first the Kingdom of God. If the directive was not forgotten, then why was it not discussed at the prayer vigil? The enemy has penetrated the army’s command and alloyed that pure directive, sending the troops on pointless missions of new choir robes and meditation gardens. The troops are only too ready to pursue these missions because they too have much allegiance to their self centeredness.

Self centeredness is a formable foe; it has control of the planet. To win the war all people who love God must focus on God and love their neighbor as themselves. We must repent, because the life of the planet is at stake.

Donald Martens, June 21, 2015