Reflections on Charleston

Nine Soldiers Have Died Recently

Nine soldiers sitting in a room, rearming themselves as they did many times before, were joined by another soldier. But this one was special, the nine didn’t see him as enemy, but he saw them as enemy. He knew they wanted to take over the country, to grab society from its status quo.

Nine black Christian soldiers were rearming themselves with ideas from sacred texts; ideas of: community, love, and the Kingdom of God. They were preparing to fight a losing battle for control of society. They were fighting to create a society of absolute allegiance to God, and extreme love for neighbor. They were fighting to create a society of distributive justice and inclusion.

When a person has absolute allegiance to God, they cannot have absolute allegiance to themselves. This soldier from the other side, let’s call him Dylann, that was his allegiance, to himself. Self centeredness is a fertile ground for emotions of insecurity and fear, especially when the self esteem is low. These emotions can highjack an otherwise capable brain which can operate a trigger finger, overriding the will of a sane person.

Those nine fighters were fighting a losing battle because even though there are plenty of fighters in the Christian army, the army lacks direction and focus. The army’s command has forgotten the general’s directive of seeking first the Kingdom of God. If the directive was not forgotten, then why was it not discussed at the prayer vigil? The enemy has penetrated the army’s command and alloyed that pure directive, sending the troops on pointless missions of new choir robes and meditation gardens. The troops are only too ready to pursue these missions because they too have much allegiance to their self centeredness.

Self centeredness is a formable foe; it has control of the planet. To win the war all people who love God must focus on God and love their neighbor as themselves. We must repent, because the life of the planet is at stake.

Donald Martens, June 21, 2015

Concert Under the Stars Fund Raiser

hafif-concert-1The Pomona Valley branch of the NAACP is pleased to participate in the 2015 Concert Under the Stars sponsored by the Hafif Family Foundation – great music and great food. Our NAACP unit will receive all of the money we collect from ticket sales. There will be three concerts from which to choose: Salsa and Soul on June 13th and 70’s – 90’s, Dance Music on June 20th, and Jazz/R&B on July 11th. Tickets cost $55.00 per person.

For more information and to purchase tickets, email Iola Fountain at iolafounti(AT)yahoo(DOT)com. Remember, The Hafif Family Foundation generously covers all the costs of the event; 100% of monies use to support NAACP Local Branch Programs and Projects.